The Final Round - Jane Couch

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The Final Round is an incredible autobiographical story of the first female British boxing world champion. Her story is an authentic recount of a troubled teenager searching for purpose and finding it in boxing. Unfortunately, the world of boxing didn't want women, so Jane had to fight them not just for herself, but for all women's right to box. 

"Jane Couch showed plenty of courage as she took on boxing's male establishment in her battle to fight professionally. Her gritty story counts the cost of being a trailblazer. 'My biggest regret is that I didn't see what a degrading and soul-destroying place the boxing world was sooner,' she laments." --The Telegraph: best books to buy sports fans for Christmas

"At the heart of Couch's engaging new book, she details the legal battle she waged against the boxing board which peddled views of women more suited to the 1890s than the 1990s. Her victory changed sport in this country. She is one of the most admirable and kindest people I've met in boxing." --Donald McRae, The Guardian

"The book was published in September. And since then she has found herself, for the first time in her life, hot property. A bidding war is under way for the rights to turn it into a movie. That was why she was in Soho ahead of this interview: she and Speak are negotiating with production companies. The interest is understandable. The story of Jane Couch, boxing pioneer, is an extraordinary one." --Jim White, The Telegraph

Book Details:

Subtitle: The Autobiography of Jane Couch
By: Jane Couch with Abi Smith
Out: 9th September 2019
ISBN: 9781785315626
Format: Hardback
Size: 240 x 160
Pages: 256

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